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FAQ Teeth Whitening Training

Why Us?

Hollywood Whitening is the largest teeth whitening company within the UK and are specialists in this area since 1998. We are the first to bring this industry into the UK market. What makes us different is we do not only supply teeth whitening training, we also carry out the teeth whitening procedures throughout our nationwide locations. This makes us proud to train our new partners to be the best in the industry.

Who can be trained?

Anyone! We don’t just restrict our training to dentists.


Training is based in our dedicated training centre in many major cities of the UK. This is a one day course which we either offer it as a one to one or in a small group. We want to ensure you leave us as confident as possible to go away and carry out the procedure safely and successfully. After you have trained with us, you will always have access to your dedicated trainer should you ever wish to contact us for advice. We strongly advise people not to have training with companies that come out to visit you. Usually these people don’t have a clinic or a one man band, hence the reason why they come out to you. They will pass on to you poor quality products that can only achieve minimal whiteness. As they don’t carry out much teeth whitening treatment themselves or have clinics nationwide like us, they do not need to impress the consumers or invest in a product that works. Once they have your money, it does not matter if your customers are happy or not. And if you are not happy, you might not be able to find them again in a few months.

What if I can not come to your training centre?

We have a dedicated training centre in many major cities of the UK. If you cannot travel to our training centre this is not a problem, we will carry out the training with you online via video webcam. This means you will still get the same level of training had you came to us and we will ensure that you will carry out the treatment effectively and safely. Online training does not mean you will receive less of an experience as we will not finish until you are completely confident. If you are still not 100% confident after the online training, or we feel that you require more training, we will invite you to visit our training centre for another day at no extra costs.

Still not sure?

We have trained hundreds of people including dentists. We have previous client’s who we can put you in touch with to give you their honest opinion on our training and how successful they have been since training with us. We have never had anyone who had training with us and had to go to other companies to be re-trained again. But this happens vice versa to us on a regular basis.

Do you offer a price match service?

Yes we do, however please bear in mind that the products and equipment used are of the highest quality. The Hollywood Whitening system is the most well known brand in the teeth whitening industry. It will get your teeth whiter than any other on the market today, this was proven by a study in 2012 by the AW3 Group. Many other companies will charge you more for a lower quality product, this is because they are the middle man and not the manufacturer. We do not compromise on quality but we will beat any price.

Why should I come to you?

Because your customer will ask you “what system are you using on my teeth?” and if it’s not the “Hollywood” leading brand, they will think twice about!  Hollywood Whitening is the most well known brand in the teeth whitening industry. If you are looking to get the best results with the minimum of side effects, we are the people to come to. All our products are designed to work in the most simplified way with minimal discomfort for your client. We are not just a teeth whitening school, we are a leading trade marked brand in the UK teeth whitening industry. Feeling confident in the product will boost confidence when you carry out the treatment.

How many people do you train in one group?

One to One is fine but smaller groups of 5-6 is just as good or even better as you will get a chance to practice on each other and experience it from both views. We will make sure that you are satisfied with all your questions and will be confident with carrying out the treatment safely and successfully before we finish.

Where is your training centre?

We have a dedicated training centre in many major cities of the UK, however for customers who cannot travel to us, we can offer online video training with your own model, which in our opinion is 100% just as effective.

Does online training mean we get less of an experience?

No not at all. This is done by video and is set up as if we are in front of each other. You will bring your own model to practice on so we can ensure that the Hollywood Whitening technique is being carried out perfectly.

Can you put me in touch with someone who has previously trained with you?

Yes we can. We have many partners who are willing to speak to you and give a review about the training, our products and how their business is working.

Do I need insurance?

Yes you do and as part of our training we will provide you with details of where you can purchase insurance. It is your responsibility to follow up and purchase the insurance prior to carrying out the treatment.

How do I pay for training?

When you book with us we take a partial deposit and the rest is payable on the day of your training. We will take the deposit, prepare your machine and book you in for the desired training date.

What package is suitable for my needs?

We offer a few different packages and advise that you call a member of our team who will be able to discuss your circumstances and advise what is the best package for your business.

I have trained with another company but I am not happy, what can you offer me?

Unfortunately we do have many people approach us after falling for a hard sale from a competitor whereby the results and equipment provided are ineffective. We can offer further training and advice to help you get the best results possible. Hollywood Whitening is the only product that can guarantee to get your teeth even whiter, even if you just had them done elsewhere. Please contact a member of our team to discuss options.

What are the benefits of training with you?

Hollywood Whitening is the largest national teeth whitening company within the UK. We do not only offer teeth whitening training, we also carry out the whitening procedure within our own nationwide locations. We would not train you on a system we felt that is not good enough for our own business. Our branding is the most well known to the UK consumers so we have to keep our promise to deliver our customers with the best possible result.

We offer a small group of training to ensure that you are 100% confident to carry out the treatment safely and successfully after you leave us.

You are welcome to contact us any time after the training for further advice at no additional charge. We like to keep a close relationship with our partners to ensure you are up to date with the latest information within the industry.

Our call centre have many experienced people who also can advice if you ever need anything or having a problem. We don’t just have 1 expert; we have a group of expert people working with us.

We are the people that train the other trainers and the dentists to perform teeth whitening correctly. We believe that we have carried out more treatments than any other company in the UK, simply because we have more locations and have been around since the birth of Laser Teeth Whitening in the UK.